Home Insurance

Home Insurance: It’s Simple To Know What You’re Insured For

Do you find your home insurance policy to be difficult to understand? Home insurance doesn’t need to be that way. On the contrary, the owner of such an insurance policy should have complete clarity over the things their property is insured for.

Home insurance standard policy coverage

For example, if you live in North Carolina then your home insurance could cover the following:

  • Replacement costs
  • Liability
  • Personal possessions
  • The structure of your home

Of course, this is included in a basic homeowner’s insurance policy. However, more and more people prefer to have their home insurance policy tailored to their needs and to their home’s specific requirements. Thus, taking into account the potential dangers that might affect a property, the home insurance policy can be extended to provide additional coverage.

What does additional coverage include for home insurance policies?

If you need extra coverage you can choose from:

  • Jewelry insurance or insurance for valuable items
  • Liability insurance for pets
  • Flood insurance

In order to keep things crystal clear in your mind, you can discuss your coverage with one of our insurance agents. The agent will tell you exactly what you are covered for; plus, if the agent notices a potential threat for your property, they can suggest creating additional insurance.

By having all this information clearly put in front of you, you will know when you should file an insurance claim.

What about the costs of my home insurance?

The cost for every home insurance is determined by taking into consideration several factors such as the geographical location of your house, the number of incidents in your neighborhood (flooding, fires, trespassing, thefts), the size of your property, and so on. If you are a regular client of Craig & Preston Insurance Agency, you may benefit from special offers and discount prices for your home insurance. It is always a good idea to ask about premiums and discounts before you get a home insurance policy.